Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on Book Reviews

An update on my earlier post:
I am planning a series of book reviews.  As you will note, I have been busy, so the number of reviewed versus “could do” has gone up.  I also looked deeper into my Kindle and came up with a few more that I forgot.  I may not do summer of the Apocalypse.   I have some issues serious with it, and it is such a strange tale, I am not sure that I can do justice to it within a reasonable time frame.  All of the other books have a very unique setting or point of view that seems worth addressing.  Some of them are better than others, some more worthwhile reading, but they all have a very strong theme and hold some value to a reader.
For those who are curious Burning Hills is a Louis L’Amour Novel.  A number of post apocalyptic novels have a western gunfighter flavor to them, and I wanted to refresh my point of reference.  For what it’s worth, the point of reference is better than its post-apocalyptic progeny.
My intention is to lump them together in some fashion:  Probably one or two a day as time permits.  Even the “finished” posts should get a last fresh-look last edit.
So far I have:
·         The Profession: A thriller
·         Post-Apocalypse Dead letter Office.
·         Emergency: This book will save your life
·         Burning Hills
·         No Blade of Grass
·         Last Light
·         The Unit
·         Three Monks East
·         This World We Live In
·         The Dead and Gone
·         Life as We Knew It
·         Patriots
·         The Long Voyage Back
·         The Fall of Eden
·         Witch of Hebron (with encapsulated mini-review of World Made by Hand)

And could do (because I have read them somewhat recently)
·         Things We didn’t See Coming
·         The Far North
·         Super Sad Love Story: A Novel
·         The World Ends in Hickory Hollow
·         The Road
·         Random Acts of Senseless Violence
·         Summer of the Apocalypse

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