Sunday, July 10, 2011

Customer Service: The bailed out bank way!

A man takes a Chase cashier’s check to a Chase branch to deposit it.  The bank throws him in jail for forging the check, even though it was a check that they wrote and had given him.
Eventually, they realize there mistake and call the police station.  When nobody at that number picks up they leave a message.  The message is not checked until Monday when regular staff get back in.  So the man spends the entire weekend in jail.  As the Police Officer said in the video (see link): We are open 24/7;  we have other numbers we can be reached at; a lot more effort could have been made to let us know.
The man’s car was towed from the banks parking lot.  Because Chase’s cashier check (something like $8,000) was all the money he had, he was not able to get it out of impoundment and it was sold at auction.
The man also lost his job when he did not return to work the day he was thrown in jail.
A year later, Chase still has not apologized.  They made no response what-so-ever until the television station started to make phone calls just prior to going on air.
Chase is part of J.P. Morgan, and yes we bailed them out.

Chase Gets Man Thrown In Jail For Fraudulent Check. Except The Check Is Legit.

Ben Popken

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