Monday, July 11, 2011

More Book Review Updates

As I noted before, I am planning a series of book reviews.  Again the list has gone up.  There are a couple that I have read that I decided not to review.
The book reviews are limiting me in my other postings, but so far I have at least kept up.  I have course have this huge backlog of book review posts now, but somehow that doesn't seem the same.

So far I have:

·         The Profession: A thriller

·         Post-Apocalypse Dead letter Office.

·         Emergency: This book will save your life

·          Burning Hills

·         No Blade of Grass

·         Last Light

·         The Unit

·         Three Monks East

·         This World We Live In

·         The Dead and Gone

·         Life as We Knew It

·         Patriots

·         The Long Voyage Back

·         The Fall of Eden

·         Witch of Hebron (with encapsulated mini-review of World Made by Hand)

And added:

·         Into the Forest

·         Operation Serf

·         Things We Did Not See Coming

·         Crossing the Blue

·         Random Acts of Senseless Violence

·         The Far North

I have (because I have read them somewhat recently)

·         The World Ends in Hickory Hollow

·         The Road

I have a couple more I am reading, but I will probably shift back to more non-fiction soon.  In spite of the list, I read a lot more non-fiction than fiction.  How on earth am I going to know everything there is to know if I keep reading all this fiction?

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