Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nothing like the holiday spirit.

The Wake County Traffic Safety Task Force, an amalgamation of most of the police departments in the County, set up what must have been a massive check point on the night of 3 July 2011, the night that most of your small towns were having their fireworks.  The area they set up their check point, (Intersection of Poole and Barwell Road) is a feeder road in and out of Raleigh,  is just outside of what would be thought of as Southeast Raleigh, one of the cities relatively problematic areas.  It is a feeder road in and out of town.  In order to get 81 arrests, they must have pulled a monstrous number of people.

Staff Report, News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), 4 July 2011

There were eight drug-related arrests and 34 arrests for driving without a license or with a revoked license. One stolen vehicle was also recovered.

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