Friday, June 1, 2012

Upcoming book reviews

The reviews, except for two, are in final rough draft stage.  If everything goes as planned they will start showing up next week.

It started off with the idea of doing books with an economic collapse, but after getting overtired of seeing the same hashed up plots for the EMP/Solar special (which I was doing somewhat concurrently), I decided I needed more of a mix.

This is a preliminary list.  I am almost finished with, Minnesota Cold and The War After Armageddon.  The order of appearance is, at least for the moment, from bottom to top.  I thought I would start with a few of the earlier ones, and then switch to some later novels.  The last two are where they are to make sure I have time to read them.

The review roundup, is now on its own tab.  I will make a note of it when I add these latest reviews to it. 

The War After Armageddon- Ralph Peters- economic/war/dystopian

Minnesota Cold– Cynthia Crack- nuclear winter/dystopian

Then- Julie Myerson- solar/celestial

Desperate Times- Nicholas Antinozzi- financial

Memory Boy- Will Weaver- volcanic

White Horse- Alex Adams- plague

Etiquette for an Apocalypse- Anne Mendel- volcanic/climate

Lost Everything- Brian Francis Slattery- climate

Eagle has Crashed- Ted Lacksonen's - economic

Valhalla- Newton Thornburg- economic

The Edge of the Earth- Russell Hill-  economic

Caravan- Stephen Goldin- overpopulation/peak oil

Biker- Jane Gallion- nuclear

The King of the Storeroom- Antonio Porta- economic

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