Saturday, June 23, 2012

Post apocalyptic Sci Fi short story

Jason Heppenstall at 22 Billion Energy Slaves has posted a free short story.  I lists other options, but I had some trouble finding it.  So I am posting the link here: The Amnesiac.

His general complaint is that there is not enough speculative (science?) that deals with future resource constraints.  The story takes place on the Spanish island of Ibizza.  It used to be a resort, but now it seems to be acting almost as an oversized prison- protective camp for the last vestiges of our culture of  plenty:  body part clones, military clones, pleasure clones. etc.  The collapsed society has turned against them, and they have been sent to the island for their own safety.

The story ends on an odd note, but it is short and moves fairly quickly.  It would make a could introductory piece for a longer story.  LOL



Jason Heppenstall said...

Hello Russell - thanks for that plug!

You're right. It used to be 20,000 words long and a novella. I had to cut it down to 8,000 words for John Michael Greer's competition, and then shave another 2,000 off for the latest one.

Hence its pared down form!

russell1200 said...

JH: Yes I know. You had said as much in your post, so I relized there was a little irony in stating it was a little abrupt. Thus the LOL. LOL