Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pre-apocalyptic, apocalyptic book covers

You can't have apocalyptic books without a book cover.  Even Kindle-only books generally have some sort of cover to announce the contents and style of writing.
Since many of the apocalyptic writers are unsigned individuals, working on their own, that causes a problem.  While the quality of the written content will vary, it is a obvious that only a few have any skill with visual artistry.  I could site many, many examples of botched covers, but I will be merciful to both the authors and my audience.

So what to do?  Order a pre-made cover from CCR Pre-Designed Book Covers.

The title is obviously to show the presentation style, but it isn't a bad name for an apocalyptic book.
Two that have been purchased and being used are the covers for ML Katz zombie novel The Twice Dead, and JD Gallagher's (not quite released yet)apocalypse by aliens Anunnaki series.

Versus what appears to be the originally intended cover: which is better than most of the self made efforts: but still a bit odd.

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