Saturday, May 11, 2013

A few more reviews

When I started the last series of reviews, I had a few books started and one that I had put down in a temporary pause.  I usually have a number of books going at one time, so if I narrow down the numbers I can usually splurt out a few pretty quickly.  So I will have 4 more reviews next week:

In intended order:

Nathaniel Rich's Odds Against Tomorrow:  New York City floods with a satirical touch

Henry Baum's The American Book of the Dead:  World War 3 kills almost everyone in a satirical, Illuminati style conspiracy

Matthew Mather's Cyberstorm: A mostly straight up collapse story, with the rarity of being set in a major U.S. city: in this case New York City in a tucked away lower Manhattan residential neighborhood.

John S. Wilson's Traveler:  An almost straight up preppers tail within the Joshua  setting:  with a major twist: it features the bad guys.

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