Friday, May 10, 2013

Follow all instructions

This man, visiting from Rhode Island was using his GPS (Global Positioning System) to navigate his way through Riverside Park in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  The GPS told him to turn right, so he turned right - down a set of steps.
The picture shows the car hung up going down the first set of steps, and waiting for a tow truck.  If it was a newer park their might have been a handicap ramp he could have proceeded down.

Man Trusts GPS More Than Own Eyesight And Drives Down Stairs

Original picture here
While I am sure he was using he was using his GPS, we should also consider the possibility that he was simultaneously talking into his cell phone.  One should always try to push the level of distraction to the maximum.

In the post-apocalyptic novels that we feature here, the GPS system is often still working, at least for a time.  So the (weak) corollary here, make sure there are no barricades or collapsed across the road before you turn.  And watch out of zombies! They are terrible J-walkers.


Mamma Bear said...

Crazy huh?....When someone is trying to get to our house they will ask for the address. I tell them if they are using a GPS not to go by it. It will take them down an old logging road that now is private property and fenced off at the very end of it. It used to be a great shortcut if it had not rained too much. If it had rained you could find yourself in a flooded creek bed!

PioneerPreppy said...

I always wanted to start a business that would allow women to put their own voices onto GPS devices. They could then bitch at their husbands with directions :)

I felt sure it would have made millions.

russell1200 said...

MB: Maybe you a have a right of way issue with the logging company. After all if GPS says its there it must be an established easement.

Pioneer: Mine just likes to scream any time she sees some random perceived threat of collision which she thinks I don't see. Given the shrieking, she must think I am blind.

The Angry Lurker said...

He was committed to his GPS...the idiot!

russell1200 said...

Francis: LOL - You wonder what he did for a living. My guess is he's not a race car driver.