Sunday, November 4, 2012

Victoria's secret to the rescue

The New York National Guard post in Manhattan was completely offline.  With a huge disaster and many people in need of help, they were in trouble themselves.

Fortunately, sometimes help can come from unexpected places.

How Victoria's Secret Saved the National Guard During Huricane Sandy
Noah Shachtman, Wired, 2 November 2012 (hat tip: NC)
As they had done for the last three years running, the lingerie company was holding its annual television event at the Regiment’s historic armory, located at 25th street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. For the show, the producers had hauled in eight massive 500 kilowatt generators. Of course, the producers said, we’d be happy to help. Hours later, the lights flashed back on.
“We were dead in the water until Victoria’s Secret showed up,” says Capt. Brendan Gendron, the Regiment’s operations officer.
Disasters are not a good thing, but it is not as if everyone automatically goes crazy and their is complete mayhem.  A lot of people do step up to the plate, and help out.

From the 2011 Victoria's Secret show (follow link above)

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