Saturday, November 3, 2012

Personal notes

The little black cat that is my avatar spent Halloween on our front porch greeting trick-or-treaters and letting them pet her.  If there were too many little feet, she would dash inside when the door opened, but as soon as the coast was clear she would go back to her perch amongst the pumpkins on the front stoop.  Halloween is by far her favorite holiday.  Being on the far end of the curious cat scale, she loves to see what little kids are up to even when they aren't dressed up in all sorts of outlandish garb.
Some of the very little ones were afraid of this live-action decoration.  A large garden spider has built a huge web over the corner with the pumpkins, so we didn't need faux cob webs either.  I was out and about with my "Dementor" son, but we had so many kids (around 100) that my wife had to go scrounging in the pantry for additional goodies.  My son on the begging end came to the realization that if you compliment people on their cool Halloween decorations, they give you more candy.
A neighbor and I built a movable basketball goal which we set out on the street.  My father before he passed away this summer had given me some money to be used for my (now) nine year old.  He would have liked the idea of a neighborhood basketball hoop.  A different neighbor who lives on a more level section of roadway had already volunteered (without being asked) to have us put it in front of his house.
It went up and was in use within seconds.  My son and lots and lots of little girls - to my sons chagrin - the normal mix for our neighborhood - were all out there shooting hoops. personal


Anonymous said...

One cat equals 12 chickens in food cost. Cats have no useful functions in a survival situation, though they are easier then a dog to move around the bed on a cold night.

That being said, I love my 8 cats dearly.


Sorry about the recent passing of your father. It took 7 years to pass for me to be able to cry for my dad.

russell1200 said...

GK: Thankyou for the kind words.

The cats probably would say the same thing about us in a survival situation.

Arguably, cats are the only "domesticated" animal that isn't actually domesticated. But they do seem to like the company.