Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Reviews Coming Up (at some point)

I should probably get started on posting my book reviews.  I don't to run them all through the Christamas season.

This is my list of the moment:

John BarnesDirective 51

John BarnesDaybreak Zero

Robert Merle's Malevil

David Crawford's (aka Halffast) Lights Out

Jim Crace's The Pesthouse

Vivi Andrew's Reawakening Eden

Wang Lixiong's China Tidal Wave

Risa Stephanie Bear’s These Will I Bring (Start of the Starvation Ridge Series)

Ken MacLeod's The Star Fraction

James Van Pelt’s Summer of the Apocalypse

Andrez Bergen's Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Walker Percy's Love In the Ruins

I am working on finishing the last two, but they are not long.

I am going to be starting working with some different people soon.  This change should be a good thing, but along with the coming up Holidays, it will leave my schedule a little up in the air.   I actually have a fair amount of posts back logged at the moment considering that I am going to start book review session.  Possibly because some of these books were relatively lengthy, so the posting time to reading time was shorter.

Note that I did get to around to reading (or rereading as it were) some of the classics.  Of course, since it is me, some of them are either quirky classics, or off the beaten trail classics.  Of the classics, Malevil was originally published in French, Lights Out I read in the original pdf release, China Tidal Wave was a huge hit in its original Chinese language editions (something like 20) so it may be the best read all time apocalypse-in-progress novel ever, and Walker Percy's Love in the Ruins is a literary classic whose cache may be fading away a little bit.

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