Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who is Minding the Black Helicopter Store?

The previous  US President being both widely unpopular and generally identified with the conservative wing of politics.  How does the current sitting President manages to continue so many of these policies and yet at the same time be viewed as a left-wing Trojan horse, is rather amazing.

And yet he has managed to do this, and there is an truth in both accusations. 

President Barack Obama and CIA Director Leon Panetta have managed to accomplish what the Bush administration and three CIA directors failed to do over a five-year period - significantly compromise the position of the CIA's statutory Inspector General (IG) and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG). In announcing the completion of the CIA's internal review of the tragic suicide bombing at an agency base in Afghanistan in late December, Panetta acknowledged that the review was prepared by senior officers of the CIA's counterintelligence division, that the report would be provided to the OIG in "keeping with past practice," and that - despite the deaths of seven agency operatives and contractors - no one would be held accountable. 
...President Obama has demonstrated time and again that he is unwilling to address the CIA's controversial - possibly illegal - actions, and CIA director Panetta is making sure that no internal oversight body does so. The president seems to have succumbed to what his favorite philosopher, Reinhold Niebuhr, terms the "false security to which all men are tempted" - the security of power.
Melvin A. Goodman at Truthout hat tip  Naked Capitalism

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