Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reviews coming up

I am working on a (much smaller) set of reviews.  Again they will lean toward the apocalypse in progress, but there are a few others that I felt somewhat relevant.  Someone suggested I Sniper somewhere.  It is a thriller with the modern area, but does deal with some high tech sniper equipment.  Since snipers are a big deal today, I thought some sniper fiction might be relevant to take a look at.
The End of The Age truly is a Post Apocalyptic novel in the real sense.  I suppose you could compare it to the "Left Behind" series, but it is set much later in time, and does not have the "We're saved, and Your Not" tone, that seemed to be the case with the former series.
I Sniper - Modern sniper fiction.
End of The Age - Fiction set during the Time of God's Kingdom on Earth
Afterlight - The Sequel to the very good Last Light - apocalypse in progress to year 10.
Yellowcake Spring - Dystopean, slow apocalypse in progress in Western Australia.
Soft Apocalypse - Dystopean, slow apocalypse in progress set in the area of Savannah, Georgia
As always, I may add some.  But I am reading more non-fiction.  The non-fiction tends to find its way into the posts, but I non-fiction is generally best reviewed by someone who is a true expert in the field rather then the casually knowledgeable.

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PioneerPreppy said...

Can't wait I really liked your earlier reviews. Gave me some good idea titles to add to my list.