Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rappin the Last Days

Since I have had a few posts  (second option) that roughly fit within the realm of what used to be known as Album Orientated Rock (AOR) the predecessor of Classic Rock, I was curious as to what other genres thought about global final reflections.  Not to surprisingly, there are songs and lyrics out there. 
Mr. Lif has the most dedicated effort out there with an entire concept album involved:  I Phantom, and presumably the earlier EP Emergency Rations as well
His renditions are more direct and less metaphorical than I can recall hearing in other genre.  Given that he identifies strongly with the urban inner city, his apocalypse his very stark and all encompassing.  No concerns about building a shelter in the woods,  they are going to drop the big one on you and all your friends and enemies – and that is it.
From the I Phantom:
Mr. Lif – Earthcrusher Video and lyrics
Mr. Lif – Postmortem Video  and  lyrics
A portion of postmortem:
What's the chance that I'd be one of the last ones left of my preceders
The Earth Crusher came before I could even conceive a fetus
But I did go from nothing to misunderstood elitist
Who tried to tell his people the lies instead of acting like defeatists
But what good is that? Cause we're now all goin to hell
Like some kid playin in his class out talkin before the bell
I died believing in righteousness but I could have indulged more
Cause giving in to temptation don't seem that raw no more
I heard some airline offered flights into space
I shoulda took it to see earth before they matched up the place
I thought I'd be alone when they finally came to get me
But nobody gotta miss me because they all comin with me

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