Thursday, May 19, 2011

The End of United Europe

The End of the European Customs Union
Denmark had reintroduced border controls.  They are limited how far they can go with reintroducing controls at the border by previously signed treaties.  But checkpoints there will be.

And while Denmark is the first to officially defect, even under a palatable explanation, it surely won't be the last: "The idea of controls at borders within the EU, also defended by Italy and France, was pressed by the far-right Danish People's Party and its head Pia Kjaersgaard, who argued controls would counter illegal immigration and organised crime." One thing we have seen in Europe is that courtesy of the relentless ebb of austerity, the far-right is progressively gaining a foothold in every country. And one can be certain that the populist whiplash against all things European, will not be contained to merely the monetary arena, but will rapidly devolve to restoring borders, following which the EU will exist only in history books.
Which translates to:
Denmark wants to control borders again
Frankfurter Allgemmeine, 11 May 2011 
Denmark wants to reintroduce controls at its borders with Germany and Sweden.  This was announced by Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen on Wednesday.  He said the Conservative minority government has reached agreement with right-wing populist Danish People's Party (DVP) and a non-Party members that official control in the future arriving and departing.
 The aim of the new controls is to combat "the growing cross-border crime," said Frederiksen.  Justice Minister Lars Barfoed said, go there mainly to Travelers from Eastern Europe.  Denmark remain as part of the Schengen area, it said.  In a first reaction highlighted the Foreign Office in Berlin is only valid on the Schengen rules and would not comment further.  In the Schengen area of free actually cross the border between participating EU and some other countries is guaranteed.
A report in the daily newspaper "Politiken" According to the reintroduction of a political agreement between the Conservative minority government and the DVP.  The DVP had made its approval of a pension reform, border control dependent.  In the agreement a "permanent" presence of officials at the border with Germany is set.
 Cars should therefore be checked for weapons and drugs, the controls are only the "character of the audit" have, they say.  It will also "visible audit institutions" indicate the major road crossings.  In Denmark this year a new parliament is elected.

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