Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Bomb Reminder

Mr. Rawles, author of the very popular militia-survivalist novel, Patriots, has his new book coming out.  Staying with the one word titles it is called Survivors .  There is a book bomb, scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th (today!).  Ordering the book now will help it in its Amazon rankings.

The cover reminds me of the Hank III song Karmagedon (music video).

My mind is breakin', can you feel the heat?
My boots are burning, when they hit the street

Good morning whiskey
Good morning night
The end of the world is in my sight

Coming out from the other side
If you know me you must have died

I am really curious to see what writing style changes, if any, are evident.  He was beat up a little bit in this regard, but as a polemic and/or cautionary tale, I thought the book was effective.
I review the original book in the series Patriots here. To see how it fits within the “cosy-cozy” category (it doesn’t but the comparison is interesting) look here.  For a limited cross comparison with a number of other similar novels, the review roundup is here.
Mr. Rawles has gone out of his way to be helpful to other bloggers who do not have his level of traffic when they have a book coming out.  If you are planning to buy the book, I hope you will consider doing it this Tuesday.
The book takes place at the same time as his previous novel, but in a different setting with different characters (a sequential?) A brief synopsis of the book (which I got from here):

Instead of extending the "Patriots" saga further into the future, the storyline of "Survivors" is contemporaneous with the action in the first book. But it is set in different locales, with mostly different characters, with vastly different levels of preparedness. The novel opens with the perspective of a U.S. Army officer deployed in Afghanistan, just as "The Crunch" begins. Unlike the protagonists in "Patriots", most of the characters in "Survivors" don't have deep larder, so they are forced to scramble and improvise. There are just a few crossover characters between the two novels, such as Ian and Blanca Doyle (whom you will remember from "Patriots" as the pilots living near Luke Air Force Base.)


Kelly Robinson said...

Wonder if it will get confused with the post-apoc TV series Survivors?

russell1200 said...

That is a good point. I just did a google search "amazon survivors" and it came up number 5. Interestingly the number one item (season 1 & 2 of the tv show) is the only one that has survivor as its primary title until you get to the book.

Survivors will likely do very well for its genre, but where there still is a main stream pop culture it will rules the world.

It is much the same with my posts. Anything that does well on a google search (uniqueness helps: see Karankawa indians) still tends toward my top results.