Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rural Crime Wave! The Amish Menace.

It appears that the Amish have been out of control recently. While many focus their concerns on Iran's attempted recruitment - via a Iranian expatriate used car salesman- of gangs south of the border, the home grown menace has been ignored.

Amish mob violently breaks into homes and cuts off hair

Brandie Piper, KSDK News, 6 October 2011(hat tip: MR).

An Amish mob is accused of breaking into several homes and cutting off the beards and hair of other Amish men. Now, the group is the focus of four police investigations in Ohio. Police say the assaults are the work of members of the “Bergholz Clan.”

In one attack, the men allegedly packed a horse-drawn buggy, rode to a home and cut the hair off some men and women in the house.  The violent haircuts are meant to humiliate and punish those Amish who are supposedly weak in the faith

And of course the authorities were quickly on the case.
Jack Shea, Fox News 8, 11 Octover 2011
Authorities said Sam Mullet, 66, is the leader of a religious sect that had declared war on Amish bishops, after they voted to shun Mullet and his followers amid allegations that include sexual abuse. …[V]arious law enforcement agencies said it became a public criminal investigation when members of Mullet's community allegedly began targeting his enemies in other Amish communities across northeast Ohio.
Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said the Amish consider their hair to be a symbol of their commitment to a pure and simple life, and to have it cut off, "is degrading and shameful to the individual that loses that.
This latest incidence is just the latest in a variety of Amish plots.
Sam Mullet, alleged criminal mastermind

Bella Muse, Natural News, 30 June 2011
A year long sting? 5 A.M raid? An undercover agent using aliases? The crime in question: unpasteurized milk.


Anne said...

The FDA has been at it for awhile and are out of line in their tactics dealing with raw milk. They come in.. swat team style as a large ARMED group.. the bullying, property damage, trumped up charges, and their abuse of the situation especially of the person's rights..
over milk. MILK!

Seriously need 20 people with guns to hunt down someone selling milk?!? Yet they can't find enough people to inspect processing plants that are notoriously neglected.. resulting in hundreds to thousands of people getting sick.

Let consumers join a farm membership and sign a waiver where they accept full consequences of their choice.. and let them have at it.

Isn't it illogical to utilize their resources to go after small industry (who typically can not only name all of their customers, but can tell you the names of their customer's family members, and the product tens to stay local).. vs hiring enough inspectors to check food processing plants (from which enough product is made to be sold to tens of thousands over many states.) ??

Irony is that the complain they have no authority to do much beyond issuing citations or the ability to enforce health/ safety violations... yet they show up on small farms armed to the teeth.

russell1200 said...

Most outside observers no longer rate the United States particularly high on the freedom scale.

We have too many people -to the point were we are stepping all over each other - to not regulate. But at the same time can't accomplish much of anything because of all the regulation.