Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nuclear soup at the center

Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

(Hat tip Zerohedge)

Supposedly the structure can handle water levels up to 1014 feet.

If I understand this the water level is at 1,016.3.  Although the nuclear reactor folks are saying that water is supposed to get to 1008 feet.

The NOAA forecast is for waters to reach 1016.  Uh Oh!

The weather forecast calls for rain tonight, tomorrow, 20 % Wednesday.  And then you’re too far out to be doing anything other than guessing.

It is located about 200 miles from Lebanon, KS which by some determinations is the geographic center of the lower 48 U. S.

Disasters happen.  What I find interesting is that the denial mode that is always portrayed in your apocalypse-in-progress tales seems to be out in full force.


Dennis said...

I can think of half a dozen simple ways for those walls to collapse. The water has been there long enough for a good sink hole to develop. I've see a fair wind create three foot waves. Tornado, earthquake, flood (surprise!), sabotage, terrorist, Oh and last but most likely, human stupidity. It could make the fishing interesting for the next 20,000 years. Talk about large mouth bass!

russell1200 said...

I think the berms were "temporary." Unless their footings were particularly solid -unlikely with the oversized sandbag wall it actually was - it being on the river means that it likely was getting the downflow pressure of the river itself. That could easily undermine a temporary wall.

For the white wash version: fed to Reuters

Note that they have not evacuated people in the area.

russell1200 said...

Correction: I read the WSJ after posting the comment. Apparently the temporary berm was a really big air filled donut. Someone backed some equipment into it and puntured it.

You couldn't make this stuff up! LOL.