Sunday, June 5, 2011

The end of a career: Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is planning to retire after he finishes the film he is working on.  There is an interesting interview at GQ, of which I will on give a teaser.

Michael Hainey, GQ,  June 2011 (ht Big Picture)

GQ: You have this reputation of the brawler. Are you still an angry young man?
Hackman: Probably. I hate that idea, because it's the antithesis of the creative spirit and what it takes to be a creative person. But you do, sometimes, what happens in the spur of the moment. I, unfortunately, kind of react.
GQ: When's the last time you threw a punch?
Hackman: A real punch? I suppose it's been ten years.
GQ: Was it at a wall or at a person?
Hackman: A person. It was silly. It was that traffic thing. [In 2001, when he was 71, Hackman had a fender bender in Hollywood. He got out to inspect the damage to his car, and next thing you know, he takes a swing at the guy and has him on the pavement.]
Gene Hackman


Dhiraj said...

Hackman type of realism is often in danger of being taken as documentary realism. Hackman is a mighty fine actor and for me a big star. He has a glittering list of films to his credit. Right from Bonny and Clyde, gritty spy of French Connection, Lex Luthar of Superman, inverted eavesdropper of The Conversation, brutal Sheriff of Unforgiven and master thief of Heist. He has played Presidents and their guard. What ever one might say, for his army of admirers, his "inner fire and air of regret ...... his rascally charm, comic intelligence, and wicked streak" is very much evident lending him the charm and charisma of a superstar.

russell1200 said...

With 79 movies and two Oscars, it is hard to see the limitations.

The real question in my mind is what proportion of his success is due to inherent talent, and what portion due to the winner-take-all nature of the entertainment industry.