Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming book reviews

I am planning a series of book reviews.

I am not entirely clear in my own mind how far I should take this.  I like doing the book reviews, but unless it is by a mainstream author - getting the odd random Google hits - they don’t generate much interest.  My thinking is that maybe if I lump them in a sequence they will be of a little more interest: one big block of reviews.
After all, other than the occasional underwater nuclear plant, and European riot, there is not too much going on.
So far I have:

·         The Profession: A thriller

·         Post-Apocalypse Dead letter Office.

·         Emergency: This book will save your life

·         Burning Hills

·         No Blade of Grass

·         Last Light

And could do (because I have read them somewhat recently)

·         This World We Live In

·         The Dead and Gone

·         Life as We Knew It

·         Things We didn’t See Coming

·         Three Monks East

·         The Far North

·         Super Sad Love Story: A Novel

·         The World Ends in Hickory Hollow

·         The Road

·         Long Voyage Back

·         World Made By Hand

·         The Road

·         Random Acts of Senseless Violence

·         Summer of the Apocalypse

And could do repeat, or re-do ones that I have already done in the past.   Not sure where I will go with it.  If anyone has any thoughts let me know.


Anonymous said...

You have "The Road" listed twice. Stop by my place and try "Operation SERF".

Anonymous said...

Ok the url didn't work, nor did google. Third times a charm.

Anonymous said...

Son of a bitch, I really like your blog, but most of my comments get eaten. Especially the brilliant ones. I was on a site the other day that had a "bookshelf", that had the books linked to Amazon. I was thinking more of Lord Bison, but it might work for your reviews. If you don't see any comments from me I'm still reading. I just quit commenting out of frustration. Yes I'm techno challenged. Dennis

russell1200 said...

Garden Serf:

LOL, I have it on my kindle but have not read it yet!

Yes I only read "The Road" once. In deleting it will it become the "Road Less Travelled"? LOL -sorry but if cannot resist the allusion to Frost.


It is a combination of blogger and the settings on your computer I think.

I have the same problem with some websites (including this one) sometimes on this computer. But not on the other computer I use.

What I often do is write the comments on word (which gets you a spell check) and then paste it into the comment box. That way if they get eaten you still have the original. You just then play around with different settings, rather than having to re-do all that typing.

Right now I am seeing the select profile tab on the post comment selector. I have learned that this means I will have to use the URL method or anonymous.