Sunday, April 15, 2012

Office zombie combat

O.K., so you have your wilderness bunker-hideout all set. And your got to - get out - bug in -bug out bag, trimmed to handy 178 pounds is all set to go.

But there is one presumption.  That you can even get out of the office!

Truth is stranger than fiction, and so if a fictional EMP strike can turn everyone into zombies, the possibility must be planned for.

Office zombies on the march (from here)

What to do?

Weaponized office supplies.

Of course the hardened ball point pen, and razor sharp metal ruler are old hat.  What we need are missile weapons.

And that brings us the pencil dart projector (link here for video - hat tip: NC):

Jorg Sprave demonstrates a pencil shooter
Of course, if you are in an unlit office, the EMP is going to take out lights, and you will need to find your way through the hungrey hordes in the dark.  So be sure to carry your Canadian glow in the dark quarters. 


PioneerPreppy said...


We need a staple-gun with the power of a modern nail gun.

kymber said...

bahahahha! you should see our new plastic $50 bills - i bet they glow in the dark too! great post buddy!

your friend,

russell1200 said...

LOL - Yah, the staple/nail gun is probably the way to. Watch out with that pencil cannon, you might poke someones eye out!

K: You laugh, my little one would go crazy over a glow in the dark dino-coins. The U.S. would save tons of money if we went to plastic money - particullarly the one dollar bills. Our current money looks kind of pinkish, so I don't think we are in a position to be giving our northern neighbors greif about the esthetics of their coinage/bills.