Saturday, April 7, 2012

Park of dead dinosaurs

Apparently there is some evidence that dinosaurs did not die off as long as thought.

T-Rex gives up the ghost

The smell of rot must be tremendous.

Or maybe not...

It is one of the remnants from a East German theme park.  The park went bankrupt shortly after the wall went down.  There are many more pictures, and a little history here (hat tip: Archosaur Musings).


kymber said...

i checked out the link and those pics are so sad! why have they just left the dinosaurs all over the place? couldn't they have sold them/donated them to another park or organization? that kind of waste makes me mad!!!

your friend,

russell1200 said...


I know what you are saying. It is a waste.

But a collapse, even a local collapse, generally does involve a lot of waste. Their whole economic system was destroyed. I think they are lucky that it didn't even get worse.