Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rural Revolutions Self Sufficiency Series Available

Patrice Lewis at Rural Revolution has posted that their self sufficiency series up and running.

Self-Sufficiency Series

Her titles (pdf format) include:

  1. Introduction to Water-Bath Canning
  2. Introduction to Pressure Canning
  3. Canning FAQs: 100 Basic Questions about Canning
  4. How to Move to the Country

The titles seem to run about 10 cents per 8-1/2" x ll" page.  Patrice is a polished writer and I am sure they will be worth your time and money if the subject matters are ones that interest you.


Patrice Lewis said...

Aw, thanks for announcing this. Much appreciated!!

- Patrice Lewis

russell1200 said...

Your welcome. I would have made it a little fancier, but my computer kept messing up last night.