Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pick your battles

Sometimes it pays to know when you are over matched.

From this video (Hat tip: NC).

Ornery cats can occasionally chase of some pretty large critters.  I recall someones blog post where there house cat had treed a grizzly cub.

But it probably is not a great survival strategy.  There is a reason that most cats will run and hide, or clime a tree.  Because it works more often than not.

But why do the alligators, and baby bears back off?  Partly because they are confused.  But also because they are instinctively are reluctant to risk injury.   Animals don't have access to advanced antibiotics.  A bite or scratch has the potential to become fatal.  Most animals avoid pitched battles, unless it is from within their own species.


PioneerPreppy said...

Some animals will guard their territory against like species. Gorillas vs. human for instance. Lions will run off other predators. Raccoons will kill other small animals just to clear their domain and have been known to taunt dogs onto busy highways.

Mostly though if there is no competition why risk it?

russell1200 said...

Gorillas and Lions are pretty dangerous critters. Racoons? Seems like they would be playing with fire.

Gorges Smythe said...

That cat may come up missing someday!

Humble wife said...

I agree with Gorges!

russell1200 said...


The alligator will no where it went. LOL

Even my little black kitty isn't that crazy. Or at least not that suicidally crazy.