Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sociopaths in the food chain

In general, I would say that selling poisoned food for profit is sociopathic behavior.  Note that although the specific headline product is for songbirds, other products mentioned would be used on foods that humans would be imbibing - just in case you happen to be o.k. with selling poisonous bird seed.

I have frequently seen the noted brands of bird seed “Morning Song” and “Country Pride”; probably have purchased them.  They also have the following brand names associated with the parent company: Scotts, Songbird Selections, Miracle-Gro, Osmocote, Ortho, Roundup (link).  I am going to make an effort to not by products sold by sociopaths. 

Ohio judge accepts Scotts Miracle-Gro guilty plea, defers decision on $4.5M payment of fine

Associated Press, 12 March 2012 (Hat tip: NC)

The Marysville-based company faced allegations it used a toxic pesticide on birdfeed sold nationwide for two years, including six months after employees warned against it.
The government also says a manager used bogus federal documents to obtain state registrations for several products and created fake correspondence between the company and the government when challenged….

The government says the insecticide, which is highly toxic to fish, birds and other wildlife, wasn’t approved for use for bird food.

The company continued to use the insecticide even after two Scotts employees warned the company about the potential threat to birds, according to the government.

The government also said a company manager fabricated documents and correspondence for two products that were being marketed without U.S. EPA registration.

The manager “told EPA that these files proved that the products had been properly reviewed and registered by EPA when, in fact, they were not authentic EPA files and when, in fact, the products had not been approved and registered by EPA,” the government said.

The government also said that between 2005 and 2007 the company sold two pesticides without directions required by the EPA and making claims on labels about the product that the EPA had rejected.


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kymber said...

seems a few of us have been talking about you behind your back - go here - and read all of the comments:

your friend,

Anonymous said...

I'm with you... will be boycotting Scotts and all their products from now on!

russell1200 said...

PP and Anon: Yes they are scum. In this case I don't even have to be morally outraged to not buy there products, since I prefer not to poison my family or myself.

K: One of these days I will list all the unread apocalyptic books I have on hand. These are titles I at least intend to review at some point. I am guessing that I have at least 50 unread titles, not counting what is on my Kindle.

Erisian ( said...

wonder if the same impact occurred on Bees.seems like that problem is not getting any smaller

cascading impact on the ecosystem due to their applied business model...

just a thought

Humble wife said...

Constant greed/deception!

I am sick of it.

russell1200 said...

E: Good point. I don't know.

HW: Sorry, I mostly only bring up the ones that seem to be important and off the radar screen.

I am amazed that these don't get more notice.