Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It has been warm

So how warm has it been?

The daily lows in some locations are hotter than previous record highs:

Summer in March, 2012, draws to a close

Jeff Masters, Doctor Jeff Master's Wonder Blog, 23 March 2012 (hat tip: NC)

Low temperatures beating previous high temperature records for the date
I've never seen a case where the low temperature for the date beat the previous record high. This happened on at least four occasions during "Summer in March, 2012":

The low temperature at Marquette, Michigan hit 52° on March 21, which was 3° warmer than the previous record high for the date.

The low at Mt. Washington, NH on March 21 (44°) beat the previous record high for the date (43°.)

The low temperature for International Falls, Minnesota on March 20 bottomed out at 60°F, tying the previous record high for the date.

The low temperature in Rochester, Minnesota on March 18 was 62°F, which beat the previous record high for the date of 60°.
The entire post is interesting.  We are in a continuing period of freakish weather .  Apparently the sitings of naked people running around their gardens in Novia Scotia in March are true.


Mamma Bear said...

It's been crazy warm here to in NW Florida. We can usually count on several frost in March but our last one was in the first part of February.

Your last paragraph had me laughing...I knew who you were talking about before I clicked the link!

Degringolade said...

Snow on the first day of spring up here in the PNW. Weather is changing. I hope that this isn't the new pattern, even wetter than usual.

Hey...Most of my friends are liberals, but from what I can seem the liberal hatred of all things bushie is significantly less than hatred of this Obama by the right.

Now Cheney was a different story

russell1200 said...

D: LOL - we'll realy confuse them with the cross thread chatting.

You may be right. I suspect you are. But the Liberals I knew really really hated Bush. Which is odd because at least at the start of his presidency, he was not particularly conservative president, and he didn't veto a spending bill until way way into his presidency.

MB: LOL - I kept asking her where all the snow was, and she kept saying they didn't get much. And I kept thinking that was awfully strange. But I lived for some time in upstate New York (not as far North as them), and March was not a time to be going around naked. Their was still usually wet mushy dirty slush on the ground.

Humble wife said...

HAHA Kymber is world famous thanks to the record highs!!!

I can only imagine what the satellite images show above Kymber and Jambaloney's!! Of course, if we looked at the ones above my house many would discover that I am a tad lazy in the early morning hours and sometimes feed the wee goats their bottles in my pajamas!!


russell1200 said...

HW: Yes I am curious as to how much gardening they were doing.

As to your pajamas, I am sure they are very nice, and since you are self-defined as humble, I would presume that it would make for attractive, if less exciting pictures.