Saturday, March 17, 2012

Death By Cannonball

Not many people prepare for this eventuallity. Add it to the list.
  1. Nuclear War
  2. Pandemic Disease
  3. EMP
  4. Death by Cannonball

Alcohol a factor in woman's cannonball death, authorities say
Los Angelos Times (L.A. Now), 6 March 2012 (Hat tip: Kids Prefer Cheese)

Authorities said the cannonball that struck and killed a 33-year-old woman in San Diego County was homemade and that alcohol was involved in the incident.
The woman's husband and another man were working on a cannon shortly after midnight outside the couple's mobile home when it exploded, according to a Cal-Fire spokesman. One of the two men was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

Well that is not something you see all that often.  As Kids Prefer Cheese noted, this video would be the perfect accompanying theme music.


PioneerPreppy said...

Actual deaths are rare but in the reinactment world you here about a stray cannon ball hitting a house at least once a year.

I had a friend who almost lost his arm due to an avocado and a swivel gun.

PioneerPreppy said...

BAH that should be hear about... see I am too tired these days.

Erisian ( said...

i have friends and co-workers who are into strange SCA activities and reenactments.

one kills hundreds of stuffed animals by mini cannon for her birthday each year.

i think the funniest part was the not so veiled "trailer park" mention :)

russell1200 said...

PP: You are holding out important information on us!: what are these deadly avacado swivel guns? Do they clear the decks, or is it simply a very quickly blend a daiquiri?

E: Yes the trailer reference was rather funny. Sort a relevant lack of relevance.