Thursday, March 8, 2012

The elite we deserve?

There was a discussion at Overcoming Bias about the fact that studies show that the elite cheat and are more hypocritical than the rest of the population.

I thought Jim Rutt's comment was very much on the target:

This could be the unintended consequences of a relatively new filter in our society: meritocracy. Prior to the 1960s it was customary for selection processes in academia and business to consider the adherence to “cultural norms” and class cohesion (“is he OUR kind of person?”). The move towards meritocracy has had wonderful effects in bringing forth the best and the brightest from whatever their backgrounds may be (I am certainly a beneficiary), HOWEVER, it also seems like meritocracy has let a lot more sociopaths and extreme narcissists into the ranks of the elites. It’s been very noticeable in my 35 year business career. Indeed on pessimistic days I feel like our elite institutions may end up as armies of semi-autistics lead by sociopaths.
Is this a case of us getting the elites we deserve?


Degringolade said...

I think that the MBA also had a lot to do with this.

More than any degree it says "I am bought into the system and are willing to kill my children for and adequate compensation package".

Just saying

russell1200 said...


The cause and affect are little muddled to me, but I think there is at least a parallel between the two.

Humble wife said...

I believe some have craved a ruling class in the US and with our elected officials we now have that.

Seems like our higher educational system has been filled with the nobles and lords.

Yep...we are getting what we deserve. Our name and reputation used to be something we worked hard to preserve. Honor, integrity, good character, and morals are gone for the elitism we now have.