Monday, March 5, 2012

National Review

I grew up reading my parents National Review (hardcopy of course) back in the William F. Buckley days.

The reason I mention this odd fact, is that I noticed that I had a spike in traffic.  Seems like one of my older posts on Japanese Ghost Towns was linked to by one of National Review's online columnists, John Derbyshire.

Of course, the hit-count has a ways to go before it beats out my other misfit-viral pieces  Osama Bin Laden, Master Prepper is Dead, and my service post to all Texas students attempting school reports on their native folks Karankawa Blazing Saddles Finale -the search that gets them is that they are looking for Karankawa houses.

Regardless of who wins the race, I am none-the-less thrilled that I got linked to by one of my earliest reading favorites.


PioneerPreppy said...

Thats a cool reference link man.

Degringolade said...

Gettin' jiggy with the big boys.

Excellent...I'll be able to say that I knew you when....



russell1200 said...

LOL - yes I think it is very cool.

But talking about picking a random post to link too!

By the way, FWIW, my number three post is much less random - my Review of "Emergency". My coup there was figuring out which of the many woman he is photographed with was his girlfriend at the time he wrote the book.