Saturday, January 26, 2013

New apocalyptic novel by D. Robert Grixti

D. Robert Grixti has a new freezingly cold post-apocalyptic novel out:  Sun Bleached Winter.  Released by Damnation Books LLC, a small Californian press, it is at Amazon as both a paperback and in Kindle form.
It is descibed by the author as, "a dark, violent novel for mature audiences who love edgy stories with bittersweet endings. It's equal parts The Road and The Walking Dead, with some of The Stand thrown in for good measure". 
An excerpt can be found here.
Mr. Grixiti is the editor of Dark Edifice magazine, which we made not of a while back.  And some new copies can be found at this web page.  If everyone is seven-aquintances away from Santa Clause, I don't get very far toward the North Pole with Mr. Grixiti.  I know him through one of our Australian Apocalyptic Authors Guy Salvidge, who we also made note of a couple of for both Yellow Cake Spring, and The Kingdom of Four Rivers.


Stephen said...

Tell me the truth...did you like it?

russell1200 said...

Stephen, I bought a copy, but I have not read it yet. Buyer beware and all that good stuff applies.

Dayle said...

Thanks for the shout out! I do hope you enjoy it...but I don't profess that it's perfect! :)

russell1200 said...

Dayle, If I was more of an electronic gamer I would have to look at some the games you design.

Dayle said...

Ha, yes... that's a little hobby of mine. They're not for everyone, but thanks for the interest!