Monday, January 28, 2013

New apocalyptic novel by Lexi Revellian

Lexi Revellian (also) has an frozen apocalyptic novel out: Ice Diaries.  It is at the U.S. Amazon (paper back and Kindle) and in the U.K. Amazon

She describes the genesis of her novel as such:
Long ago in 1981, Fred Hoyle wrote a book called Ice - How the next ice age will come - and how we can prevent it. I remember the cover of a colour supplement featuring the book; the Houses of Parliament emerging from a snowy wasteland, with a solitary figure skiing. This image stayed with me until I wrote Ice Diaries about a London in the near future buried beneath twenty metres of snow. Back in 1981, few buildings would have been tall enough to emerge from snow that deep. How London has changed.
Note that Hoyle will eventually be correct.  No matter if we manage to melt all the ice caps, cyclical variations in earth's orbit will eventually get us back to the frosty tundra über alles look.
The novel's general premise is rather similar to Earth Abides: a really big plague wipes almost everyone out. The difference is that after that, they all get buried under 20 meters (66 feet) of snow. The depopulation allows for less chaos and mayhem, but the ice age keeps it from being completely easy pickings. There is a little romance and British quirky humor apparently thrown in as well.

An excerpt may be found here.  There is also an interesting reference web page.

I don't actually know Ms. Revellian, but based on her website she seems very nice.

The snow globe cover I think is some of that quirky British humor. I am told I have a rather quirky, dry sense of humor, but I do find the trivialization of such a fine art form a little off-putting


Kelly Robinson said...

Ooh, I like frozen apocalypses -- partly because they're different from the typical dry and dusty ones. I've only read a few, but I've enjoyed them.

russell1200 said...

Kelly: I have a number of them on hand. As this author notes, growing up in the 70s, the ice age concern was the prevelant one, even before nuclear winter scenarios kicked in. I really like the snow globe.