Monday, December 20, 2010

Why do ghosts wear clothes?

Arguably this discussion is about something that is past final thoughts...

But my first grader swears that he has seen a ghost.  This having of course nothing to do with watching parts of the rather scary George C. Scott version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol on Youtube (video). This story along with the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas are credited with ushering in the modern style of celebrating Christmas.

But there has been some serious thoughts on the history of ghost:
One of the recurring riddles in much thinking about ghosts in England was “why do ghosts wear clothes?” If the ghost was an objective reality why should it be wearing clothes, and why should it be wearing the very specific clothes that were associated with a deceased person? If the spiritualistic hypothesis was true, should the soul which has returned to visit the earth not be perfectly nude, ethereal, or at least clothes-less?

from Shane McCorristine's "Spectres of the Self"  with discussion found here.

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