Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Changes Everything

Regardless of what calamity may fall upon our region, we will never lack for food.

Kudzu is edible.

I had no idea.

I was actually trying to find out if wild onions (which apparently are called wild garlic) are safe.  They are also safe.

So know I have a garnish to go with my Kudzu.


PioneerPreppy said...

I don't get kudzu up here but it almost reaches us. I wish morning glory was edible because that stuff is almost as bad as kudzu.

Still you're set if you can stomach the stuff.

Also grass clippings piled high over a kudzu infestation will kill it. A friend of mine actually went out and got grass clippings from neighbors and lawn service guys and dumped it in his back yard to kill the kudzu and it worked in about one Summer.

Humble wife said...

Holy Smokes! I had no idea. I guess with some tweaking if absolutely necessary one could eat it.

Time to play around with some recipes, as to what would compliment it.

Interesting for sure to find this out!


russell1200 said...

I noticed that a number of the people who tried it seem to like it well enough.

Kudzo is not particularly hard to kill, it just mulitplies itself quickly and grows fast enough that if you look closely you can supposedly see it growing. Provided you had most of it to yourself, we are talking about a lot of potential food here.

I am going to try it!

Amazingly enough my wife didn't have any problems with the concept.