Friday, January 20, 2012

Debunking Handbook

The Debunking Handbook
From the good people at Sceptical Science with a hat tip to Bloggingheads.

A common misconception about myths is the notion that removing its influence is as simple as packing more information into people’s heads. This approach assumes that public misperceptions are due to a lack of knowledge and that the solution is more information - in science communication, it’s known as the “information deficit model”. But that model is wrong: people don’t process information as simply as a hard drive downloading data.

It goes over such obstacles as:

1.      Familiarity Backfire Effect

2.      Overkill Backfire Effect

3.      Worldview Backfire Effect

And of course concludes with what works. It is only 9 colorful pages, so it is worth taking a look.  But if you don’t, I just want it to be known that I am not really trying very hard to convince you.


PioneerPreppy said...


Nice find.

Humble wife said...

thanks for the sharing~made me smile how short and sweet your post was!!

russell1200 said...

My little one almost made it to bed on time so maybe it is working.

Of course if this really takes off, it means that we now have unlimited access to minions convinced to do our bidding! MS-LOL (Mad Scientist version of laugh out loud).