Monday, January 30, 2012

Some of us must go

Well it shouldn't be a surprise, we all know it to be true.  What is surprising is that it has taken this long for a new outlet to come out and state the case forthright.

Obviously, reactions from the public will be mixed, put the early comments sound encouraging.

Staff Writer, The Onion, 26 January 2012, Issue 48-04

"I personally would rather live, but taking the long view, I can see how ensuring the survival of humanity is best," said Norwich, CT resident and father of three Jason Atkins. "I guess if we were to do it over again, it would make sense to do a better job conserving the earth's finite resources."

"Hopefully, the people who remain on the planet will use the mass slaughter of their friends and loved ones as an incentive to be more responsible going forward," he added.


Humble wife said...

I read about the Georgia Guidestones years ago and believe without a doubt, that many folks BELIEVE this.

What is frightening, is this: What will they do to implement this?

What are things ALL people need?

so why not tamper, if the goal is a sustainable place for the elite?

Sigh, the times we live in are indeed-well crazy.


russell1200 said...

I take it that you notice that it was an Onion piece.

It of course reflects a reality of what people might be thinking (or that of a numerous science fiction plots) and reduces it to the level of gallows humor.