Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nova Scotia Apocalypse

Nova Scotia is due for an apocalypse: at least in fictional form.
I saw in their local paper (via a google alert) that a native was coming out with an illustrated story of the end times.
David Irish, CBC New, 19 June 2015
A local writer and illustrator has taken inspiration from Nova Scotia's much-discussed economic future — and its history — in his first novel, set in post-apocalyptic Halifax and Cape Breton.
Ben O'Liari, 39, has been a freelance writer and illustrator in Halifax for 10 years. He said he's spent a portion of those years conceptualizing a new science fiction story of which he's half finished, tentatively titled The Rogues of Novas.  
Post Apoc Halifax
Apparently the world is a bit more futuristic when it all ends.  So possibly we can imagine our local naked gardeners on Starwar-like speeders fleeing the local pirates. They certainly will need to upgrade from their current plans of transportation.
I gather that Mr. O'Liari is a comic book illustrator and writer.  Which shows an interesting split between the much grittier main stream fictionalized apocalypses (zombie, plague, etc.) and the slicker stylization of those in the comic book world.  Both The Massive and Quarter-Life Crises were more slick than real.


kymber said...

teehee. when it comes out, i will get you a copy and demand a review! however, cape breton has a long history of boot-legging and moonshine-making (during prohibition)...and our lobster/crab boats would never have to go all the way to cuba. you can be sure that i'd be in charge of that operation - bahahahah! thanks for thinking of us Russell! and glad to have you back!

your friend,

russell1200 said...

Kymber: thanks.

I did notice that those folks in Halifax seemed a bit messy.