Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unemployment problems: for pirates

Unemployment is a problem not just in the Unites States.  Even once thriving markets are falling short.

AP Impact: Party seems over for Somali pirates
ABDI GULED and JASON STRAZIUSO, Associated Press, 25 September 2012 (hat tip: MR)
HOBYO, Somalia (AP) — The empty whiskey bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs littering this once-bustling shoreline are signs the heyday of Somali piracy may be over. Most of the prostitutes are gone and the luxury cars repossessed. Pirates while away their hours playing cards or catching lobsters.
"There's nothing to do here these days," said Hassan Abdi, a high school graduate who taught English in a private school before turning to piracy in 2009. "The hopes for a revitalized market are not high." 

Armed guards on merchant vessels, and patrolling by naval forces is making life difficult.

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