Sunday, September 16, 2012

International theme apocalyptic book reviews

We are finishing the last of the books that are "international" in some form. So we will likely start posting reviews a week from now. That will allow me time to go back and try and make sure that all of the reviews are finished, and not in completely rough form.

We will stick with the list that we noted before.
We have international in the sense of foreign language, or at leas non-British, non-American authors 
writing about their home country:
Ashes, Ashes (Ravage) - René Barjavel, Quarter-Life Crises - Evan Murphy, Coming From an Off-Key Time - Bogdan Suceavã, Enfold Me - Steven Greenberg, Vlad - Carlos Fuentes, La Jetée Ciné Roman - Chris Marker. Also all the other international author's we have reviewed, fit under this catagory.
Less common, we have international authors/artists who are touching on American settings:
Friends and Other Stories of the Apocalypse- A.P. Menzie (with Japanese illustrator), Memoria - Alex Bobl.

And then we have Americans and British authors who are writing with an international scope:
The Literary Conference - César Aira, The Massive - Brian Wood, The Loom of Ruin - Sam McPheeter, Fall Out - Gudrun Pausewang.


kymber said...

Russell, buddy - as usual - i can't wait for your reviews! much thanks!

your friend,

russell1200 said...

Kymber: Thanks. Almost there.