Monday, September 17, 2012

Food trailer bunker bust

Using a food trailer as a cover to your double decker underground bug-in compound is not an awful idea, although if you think there is going to be widespread looting along with the panic, I might choose something less targetable, like maybe an old flower delivery van or on low cinder blocks.

In any case, since the idea is to conceal the entrance, if you don't want to bring attention to yourself, it is best if you don't (allegedly) steal it.

There is of course a Fox News video  It has gone a little viral as it is being noted in England

Kissimmee man stole trailer, planned doomsday bunker, police say
Desiree Stennett, Orlando Sentinel, 11 September 2012 (hat tip: NC)
What started out as the recovery of a trailer reported stolen by Clay & Sons, a tire and automotive store in Kissimmee, turned into a morning of unearthing a resident's "doomsday bunker."
The stolen trailer was found in the front yard of a Kissimmee man's home, and police spokeswoman Stacie Miller says it's likely that the man had plans to add it to his double-decker bunker already in the making.
The man didn't tell police exactly when he thought the world would come to an end, but cops say he was preparing a personal underground survival bunker. One stolen food truck was buried in the backyard, and another stolen storage trailer was parked at ground level above it.
Although I have heard it mentioned by people as an idea to pursue, I think I agree with the town planner who said that it is not a good idea to burry trailers, as they are not structurally sound for that type of utilization.  Because he was using an excavator to do the digging, I think he was greatly underestimating the amount of weight that was involved with the surrounding soil.

The bunker (from here)

The house (see the "X") in better days- before it was painted green! (from Bing)

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