Friday, December 21, 2012

We can keep doing this Maya thing!

You see the actual correct date for the ending of the Maya cycle is not all that clear.

We can go over to Discovery and see that one person says it may sixty days latter, and I recall reading a rather thoughtful person saying that the exact calibration is unclear, but that it could be something like 50 years ahead of us.

So just as most apocalyptic practitioners who are proven wrong simply double down on the bet, we have that same option....

Unless of course we don't make it to tomorrow.  Since over 200,000 people can be expected to die each day on our planet as a matter of simple math, certainly the end will come for some.
Our you can be proactive like me, and make your own Maya Calendar.

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JaneofVirginia said...

If you ever bought the Mayan calendar in the first place, when it finally ends, it simply starts again, just like all its other types of calendars from the one intended for business, and the one intended for horoscopic endeavors. When my son was at the university,before graduation he explained all this, following a course in Pre-Columbian art. I think your "Maya" calendar is lovely. A nice young woman all covered up by today's standards ! LOL

russell1200 said...

Jane: Yes, she is a Bollywood Star I gather. Which dovetails well with your calander cycle notion - what with Hindu reincarnation and all that.

But mine is a Maya calendar, not a Mayan. The world only ends if you don't buy the next years calendar.

Anonymous said...

don't want to end the year mad at old friends. sorry the rat

russell1200 said...

Rat, the world will find enough problems for us without creating our own. I appreciate the thoughtful words.