Monday, December 17, 2012

Give them their ship back!

In a moment of sanity, the UN International Tribunal told the Government of Ghana that they should give Argentina its naval training vessel back.
As we noted earlier, Ghana's courts had been persuaded by a U.S. based hedge fund to seize the vessel as a method of forcing some sort of payment from Argentina on defaulted bonds.

Ghana told to free Argentine ship Libertad by UN court
BBC News, 15 December 2012
The UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, based in Germany, ruled that the ARA Libertad had immunity because it was a military vessel.
Tribunal president Shunji Yanai ordered that the vessel should be resupplied if needed.
The court said that holding the ship was "a source of conflict that may endanger friendly relations among states".
Last month, sailors on board the Libertad reportedly drew guns on Ghanaian officials after they tried to board the vessel to move it to another berth.

That Ghana isn't jumping at the chance to get ride of the whole problem strikes me as rather suspicious as to what could be going on in the background.

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