Friday, February 3, 2012

The Seattle Squirrel massacre!

Seattle resident Melany Vorass started with a garden.  But the squirrels were eating up.

So she uses some “Have-a-Heart” traps to do some trap and releasing.  But the neighbors complained that she was just dumping her problems elsewhere.

So another solution was needed.

Michael Zennie, Daily Mail (U.K.), 27 January 2012 (Hat tip: NC)

About that time, Ms Vorass discovered a recipe for squirrel and instructions on how to skin the rodents in an old Joy of Cooking cookbook.

The classic American cooking was first published in the height of the Great Depression and for many years contained recipes for all manner of wild animals -- from rabbits to opossums.

Of course she is a middle class American so you also have:

As for the actual killing, Ms Vorass says she thought long and hard about quickest the most humane way to off her captured prey.

After a squirrel is caught in a live trap baited with peanut butter and crackers, she drowns it and then cuts its throat so it bleeds out to ensure its dead before she butchers it….Drowning is the fastest way Ms Vorass has found to off the squirrels yet, since firing a gun in Seattle is strictly forbidden.

Ms. Vorass has had a series of  blogs, I believe this is her most recent:  Essential Bread.


PioneerPreppy said...

I wonder how long small game would last in a grid down situation in the cities? My guess is it wouldn't be long with cats and dogs lasting about a day longer.

russell1200 said...

A relative of mine has a small farm near Lexington VA -they urban types buying a farm, not farmers.

When they first moved there, there were no squirels. It took years before the squirels came back.

I suspect that trapping will work well for some time. Wandering around hunting squirels with a .22LR is probably going to cost most urban types as much in calories as the catch. But trapping is so rare now, and so unknown, I doubt the animals will get back their caution for some time.

I agree on the cats and dogs, if only because they will have nothing to eat. Of course if their owner buys the jumbo bag, they probably have more survival supplies for their pet than they do for themselves.