Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Followup on Greenville SC, CC self defense shooting

Follow up on Small Holding's post on the Waffle House self defense shooting in Greenville, SC by a citizen with a concealed carry permit.  I had commented at that post on how the Carolinas (North and South) were rather extreme in the law-and-order scale of things, and that they would never get a conviction. 

Well the local  Sheriff, Chuck Wright,  had been encouraging people to get concealed carry permits, and has continued to advocate the permits.

And about the Waffle House shooting had this to say:
Stephen Largen,, 24 January 2012

That was his choice, and it was a bad choice,” Wright said of Williams' attempt to rob the Waffle House Saturday. “I'm very sorry he had to pay for that choice with his life.”

The lone Democrat on the County Council was upset.  He had this to say:

“I would say to continue to advocate for the instrumentalities of violence is contrary to a large group of people in this community,” 
He is likely to remain the lone Democrat:  "instrumentalities of violence" LOL.

In my county, they don’t complain about the conceal carry process, but complain about how it the Sheriff won’t approve permits for silencers.  Personally I think people are getting a little effete when they say they want to target practice with less noise, but I am sure that is just me.  To me, it doesn't get a whole lot more fun than the sound of a 12 gauge going off in an indoor range.


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LOL - the sheriff is probably going to invite the cc self defense shooter to all his campaign rallies.

And this is not the sticks. This is one of South Carolina's main metropolitan areas.