Saturday, April 6, 2013

John S. Wilson has released Traveler

There is a new release from John S. Wilson out.  It is in the same world as his earlier novel Joshua, but is not directly related to that story.
It is is called Traveler (Kindle, paperback): the blurb:
America - the near future - the United States has experienced a complete economic and social collapse, clean water and abundant food, relics of a dying age. Small groups of survivors struggle to stay alive in a world rampant with starvation, disease, and violence. "Travelers" live amongst them, savage gangs that roam the countryside, always searching for fresh prey.
Joshua was a mix of Solar Flare meets the Road.  This one sounds a little different: at least the little bit of the teaser I read looks like it is survival from the bad guys point of view.  I liked Joshua, so I am interested in this one.


Francis Lee said...

It sounds good but The Road put me off books like this.

Spud said...

I've never understood how books of this nature are shunned by some. They are a direct reflection of a very probable future, giving great insight to human nature. Reading them can only enhance ones chances of survival in the times ahead.
Many of those same individuals will spend a life time re-reading the Bible many times. Yet in reality it is chock full of the same type material. Their logic evades me...

russell1200 said...

Francis: What books like it have you read previous to The Road?

Spud: The bibilical endtimes are very different than a "survivalist" setting. The bible has a lot of "collapse" material because it is a relatively common phenomina.