Wednesday, August 8, 2012

White Truck Apocalypse

Larry Kollar, of Tales from Far Manor, who has been a follower of this blog forever, has released his novel White Pickup on Amazon, and Smashwords.

It was online, and the parts I read were interesting if unusual as apocalypse go.

Synopsis from Smashwords:
“Legends are about ordinary people who stepped up and did what had to be done.”
At summer’s end, mysterious white pickup trucks take to the roads and compel nearly everyone to “drive off.” Some of those who remain gather in a suburban Atlanta subdivision, and struggle to cope with a world whose infrastructure is rapidly crumbling. One of the few who are mentally and emotionally prepared for the end of the world is Cody Sifko, a youth who quickly becomes the inspiration for the others. When a strange homeless woman names him “Father of Nations,” is she seeing his future or her own delusions? As winter and a hate group try to destroy Laurel Hills, can Cody overcome personal tragedy and seize his destiny?
Love, hate, survival, and an apocalypse like no other—White Pickups is ready to take you on the ride of your life!               

I did not read far enough to know why they were white pickup trucks, versus green or some other color.  It has a young lady with what might be a scoped bolt action rifle on the cover, so it is not about oil changes, and transmission fluid.


PioneerPreppy said...


Those evil White pickup trucks.

russell1200 said...

PP: For some reason I just don't like the look of a white pickup truck. Presumably it gets you a rapture without having to get to deep into the metaphysical weeds.