Thursday, August 9, 2012

Giant Robot barmaids

Well we have already had our discussions about virtual girlfriends, so now we have real, but mechanical, giant dancers.

She's electric: Japanese robot bar tempts customers with giant, scantily clad dancing robots - controlled by REAL women,, Rob Waugh, The Guardian (U.K), 24, July 2012 (hat tip MR MR)

The 'Robot Restaurant' offers 'cabaret dances' from giant robots - looking like plastic women, but with robotic lower halves.

The £83 million restaurant will let customers operate the 'fem-bots' - but staff will also 'steer' the performers as they dance for visitors.

The new restaurant advertised that it cost 10 billion yen - £83 million -to open
The robots operated by real women dressed in military and other outfits will perform 'cabaret' dances for its customers.

The robots are themed after the character Valkyrie in the game Soul Calibur.

The "military" outfits are regulation military bikinis, or undergarments.  For myself, the  young real women are more interesting than the robots, but than I am neither Japanese, nor have I played the game in question.  I think the "Valkyrie" is actually a type of sword/weapon, and it is the fetching young women who wield this weapon that are being portrayed. So possibly (?) there is some sort of heroic element to all of this.

Just think, you could join a online dating service, and if you are into Japanese electronic gaming, and are single, may you could get a land a date with a young lady and her dancing robot! 

Young ladies controlling the giant robot (more pictures here)

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