Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another round of book reviews coming up

Well another book review roundup is coming up.  I have five books.  Four are apocalypse-in-progress, and one (REAMDE) is set in a contemporary setting and has survivalists, of a sort,  involved in at least portions of the novel.

As usual I am trying to mix in some books that would not be likely to show up in the same cluster of  “People who bought this book also bought….” at  On a guess, the political views of Nunez and Rawles are probably at polar opposites.  But both are rare authors that address religious concerns.  Nunez, surprisingly, probably shows the conservative Christians in a more positive, if flawed,  light.

John Grit’s Apocalypse Law

Robert Edric’s Salvage

Sigrid Nunez's Salvation City

Neal Stephenson’s REAMDE

James Rawles’ Survivors

Since I have them all complete. I will go ahead and post them for next week Monday through Friday.

Since this will make a total of ten that I have done since the last round up of reviews, maybe I will do an updated roundup.  Some day I should also update my cosy/cozy list.

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