Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Conquest through Lawyers: Canadian-Chinese style

The rule of law gets a little tricky when government became able to seize land for the benefit of private development.
Posted at Food Freedom, Editor, Rady Ananda 20 October 2011 (hat tip: Naked Capitalism)

The NYTimes reports that TransCanada, a Canadian oil company, promises to confiscate private land from South Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico, and has already filed nearly 60 lawsuits against private US citizens who refuse to allow the Keystone XL pipeline on their property, even though the controversial project has yet to receive federal approval…
“For those of you who worry about U.S. Sovereignty, let’s think about this: a Canadian company–that is, a foreign company, which is part of NAFTA, is threatening Americans who are refusing to surrender their property to build a pipeline to carry highly toxic tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to the refineries of Texas.
The post goes on to note that, in spite of claims to the contrary, it is clear that the Chinese are involved not as an investment for profit, but as an investment toward future oil resources for China.
For those of you live in the area, it is also noted that the pipeline runs over the Ogallala aquifer, which runs in places only 5’ below the surface and is the primary drinking supply for eleven states.


kymber said...

hi Russell - thanks for stopping by and following our blog.

can this really be true? i am going to do some more research on this. thanks for bringing up the matter - as much as i would like to see the Canadian and American jobs that could possibly be created by such a venture (and hopefully not all of ends up in China as North Americans could certainly use this oil) - the idea of anybody being put off of their own private property, by their OWN government - LET ALONE A FOREIGN one - makes me sick.

again, thanks for bringing this up and thanks for stopping by. i will be checking back regularly and adding you to our blogroll.

russell1200 said...

The pollution aspect seems to be getting a bigger play at the moment, but it is starting to get a little more press.

The government has been knocking people off their land to get private projects going down here for some time.

One of my great (or great great) grandparents came from Nova Scotia and then moved on to the United States in either the late 19th century or early 20th.

I hope your husband is feeling better.