Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Reviews from afar: Round 2

Afar in this case means not written in either the two dominant post-apocalyptic powers - the United States and Britain.

Per our previous, foreign born round, these tend to be more dystopian, than strictly apocalyptic.  Although in all cases, the discussion of declining or collapsing civilization is under discussion.

In order of appearance:

Monday - Bernard Beckett's Genesis (New Zealand)
Tuesday - Julien Cracq's Castle Argol
Wednesday - Dino Buzzati's Tartar Steppe
Thursday - George Turner's Drowning Tower (a.k.a.Sea and Summer)
Friday - David Longo's Last Man Standing

One of the books makes frequent best all time novel lists (Tartar Steppe), the other is written by an author who makes the same list for a somewhat similar novel (Julien Cracq), just not the one I am reviewing, George Turner's novel often makes the list of all time great science fiction. Bernard Beckett received critical acclaim for Genesis, and David Longo's is probably the most fun to read of the bunch.  How can you go wrong when you have a post apocalyptic novel somewhat in the vein of The Road, that features an elephant.

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